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    Dell - Inspiron 15z review

    Dell - Inspiron 15z reviewThose who don't place portability at a premium can find some pretty good deals in the notebook market these days, and Dell is one of the most high-profile companies to have focused a great deal on value for money for the modern consumer.Its Inspiron 15 ... Read more

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    Toshiba - Satellite Pro T130 review

    Toshiba - Satellite Pro T130 reviewOn paper Toshiba's Satellite Pro T130 is a dream. 11 hours of battery life thanks in part to an Intel CULV processor, small format, and low cost is the kind of combination of features that makes mobile computing fans happy.It is not all sweetne ... Read more

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    Samsung - X120 review

    Samsung - X120 reviewIt's hard to remember back to a time when there wasn't some form of mobile computer, now that the market is flooded with laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, PDAs and smartphones. The upside, of course, is that it's now possible to buy a portable computer ... Read more

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